Welcome Lovers!

So you two have decided to formalize your commitment to one another? I would be very happy to bless your union and assist you in creating a memorable ceremony to honor your life-long choice.

Pastor Lee Richards

Pastor Lee Richards

General Information

A Unitarian Universalist wedding ceremony is a unique celebration of the joining of two people on their life’s journey. There is no set liturgy or format but rather each ceremony is a creation by a team made up of the couple and the celebrant/minister. The ceremony uses elements which are meaningful to those involved. The result is an honoring and celebrating of the joining of families, the commitment between two people and the blessing of whatever it is that gives meaning and substance to their lives. A couple need not be members of a Unitarian Universalist church or fellowship in order to be married in a UU ceremony.

Unitarian Universalism places great emphasis on individual freedom of belief. A UU marriage ceremony is based on the personal integrity of the participants rather than on institutional forms. Inclusiveness is highly valued and UU ceremonies strive to honor different religious backgrounds and cultural traditions. Ceremonies can be designed for Christians, Humanists, Atheists, Pagans, LGBT couples, and others – the emphasis being to create a celebration of your union that is meaningful for you.


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